• Coaching people through change

    We help individual contributors and leaders to be a better version of themselves by giving them insights into who they are and how they behave, thus allowing them to make changes to be more effective.

  • Team


    We assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses and through a team coaching process support them to become more productive and more positive so that they achieve better business results

  • Cultural change in your organisation

    Your company culture has an enormous impact on your company's effectiveness. We make the culture visible so that you can sculpt it to a higher performing culture.


  • Conflict

    Conflicts are usually unpleasant. Yet there is a lot of value in conflicts. Learn how to 'manage' conflicts in a valuable way.

  • Feedback

    Feedback is like coffee, it can give you a kick when you need it the most. Yet all feedback is not equal. Learn how to give and receive feedback so that you and your colleagues can grow. 

  • Leadership

    Your leadership skills will have a direct impact on your employee's wellbeing and on the top- and bottomline of you business. Learn how to be the most effective leader.

  • Roles & Responsibililities

    In a team setting it is useful for everyone to be clear about their own and each other's roles and responsibilities. We can help you get clarity through our team coaching.

The themes above are those that we frequently coach our clients on. Note that this is not an exclusive list so don't hestitate to contact us if you have a different question or theme.


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