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Our remote services

Stay safe - stay remote - stay operational

Our world is continuously changing.  Current circumstances have increased the number of changes and our need to adapt.  Not only in our private life, but also in our worklife. At ChangeLab we support companies and individuals within the companies with their transformation process. This is what we can do for you and your company today.

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Leadership from a


How to maintain connectivity and engagement with you team



How to provide constructive feedback in an online environment

Insight in yourself as a leader

Analysis and understanding of your own leadership style

efficient online


Inform and teach participants of this workshop on how to facilitate all aspects of an MS Teams meeting


coping with resistance

Mapping potential resistance for your project, and defining subsequent follow-up actions



Coaching is about questions, problem definitions and learning opportunities in daily life. Take a walk with one of our coaches.


How to work remote

Practical insights and indvidualized guedelines, customized for your company on how to work remote

Conflict coaching

We guide you in biting the bullet of a conflict, by coaching you through the process

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As part of our boutique DNA, we like to customize our services to fulfill our customer's needs. So contact us with your question and let's see how we can work together.