Workshop Award & Recognition for IW

IW stands for Information Workers. It is a team of SharePoint experts assisting their clients with various technical projects. IW likes to make their clients happy. To achieve this it helps to have happy employees themselves! With this in mind IW asked ChangeLab to organize a GameStorming Workshop with the whole team.

With GameStorming out of the box thinking is being promoted, together with creativity and team collaboration. Especially when you want to gain support for a new program, tool or idea, it is good to involve the people to whom it applies from the beginning. GameStorming is an effective way to do this.

This time the topic was setting up an ‘Award and Recognition Program’. In other words, do I get recognition on the right moments? On what kind of activities do I find it appropriate to expect a reward? What reward could this be?

Instead of ‘The Boss’ of IW assuming what his employees’ needs are, the workshop made sure that everybody had the chance to speak their mind. The goal was of course to provide input for Award and Recognition, but on the first place the evening had to be fun. Certainly this succeeded: pizza, new nicknames, and the wildest dreams around recognition!

Now it´s up to ‘The Boss’ of IW to work with the team and transform the input into concrete actions. Wondering what the GameStorming workshop looked like? Check out some pictures to get an impression!