Cronos User Adoption Workshop

Today we held a User Adoption workshop for our Cronos Colleagues in Kontich.

Though Cronos encompasses companies with a huge variety of activities, most are in the business of bringing new technology to their clients. We are convinced that they do this well and that the quality of the new tools, systems or platforms is excellent. For their clients to really benefit from the technology however, the employees need to adopt the new way of working with the new tools. This is often easier said than done!

It goes without saying that we at ChangeLab believe that a structured yet flexible approach to user adoption can have a huge impact on the user adoption of new tools. In fact, we have proven it to be so with the various projects that we have worked on since we launched in October 2014. We were therefore keen an honoured to share some of our knowledge with our Cronos Colleagues

The purpose of the workshop was to provide:

  • An understanding of why people don’t automatically adopt new technology

  • Tips and tricks of how to approach user adoption for an IT project

Oh, and we had great fun during this interactive workshop!

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