Building our LEAP’s wall

Last week we went hiking in England. During the many walks on Hadrian’s wall I realized how, in many ways, LEAP can been seen as ChangeLab’s castle. What is LEAP? It is ChangeLab’s approach to change. It consists out of the following four components:

· Learn

· Envision

· Apply

· Poll

In the Learn phase, we create the basis for change. Get to know the organization and the sponsor (“Why do you want this change?”). It is crucial in the same way that a Roman castle must be built on a large plot of land surrounded by a moat. Otherwise, it would soon be attacked and the empire (or the intended change) wouldn’t survive.

In order to build an indestructible and impressive castle, lots of stones are needed. In the same way as the stones for the castle, collecting the building blocks for change is the next step in the process, the Envision phase. This could be a resistance plan, a stakeholder analysis and a timeline.

After the plans are ready, it’s time for action. Getting people ready for change by performing all the actions is done in the Apply phase. A castle without its commander and soldiers isn’t a castle. So it’s key to prepare everyone and guide them through change.

A castle is only considered conquered when the legion’s banner is captured. “Is our banner still there?” is a valid question throughout the process. With surveys and reporting during the Poll phase, we monitor if the goals will be achieved and if the banner is standing proud.

If there is a risk that defined criteria for success aren’t going to be achieved, LEAP restarts to adjust the course towards the objective of the project. Perhaps a castle is too static and immovable to be a good comparison. However, during my holiday I saw that the Romans were able to build castles every mile and turrets in-between. So I’m convinced that by using ChangeLab’s approach, we can also build our own wall with a castle every mile: LEAP’s wall.

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