Don’t forget the leader!

Being a leader of a team can be challenging. (S)He needs to put in a lot of energy to keep his/her team as productive as possible. Each day, regardless of all circumstances that can occur along the way.

Many team leaders are reluctant to change for various reasons. They are overworked, don’t see the importance of yet another project or have personal objections. In addition they often don’t have the feeling they are involved in the project.

From our experience we have learned that team leaders are often overlooked. And that can be a dangerous mistake to make!

A well respected leader has a lot of influence:

·     (S)He is the first go-to person for his employees

·     (S)He knows how to deal with his/her people

·     (S)He is the bridge between senior management and employees

Imagine that such a key person would reject the change? Talk negative about it? Or even sabotage it? Chances are that your project fails to reach a lot of people…

Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, it is time to change your strategy. Here are a couple of tips that can help your case:

  1. Talk to your leaders. Understand how they feel about the project and give them room to express their fears, concerns, ideas… and react appropriately.

  2. Make them understand the importance of the project, why it is important for the company and which advantages the project can have on the leader and his team.

  3. Insist that your leaders promote your project or at least ask them to give the project a chance. This includes asking them to have an open one-on-one conversation with their employees. Remember: leaders they are the perfect person to do so!

  4. Help them as much as you can. Provide them with tips & tricks, meeting slides, … Keep answering their questions & remarks.

So next time you are going through a change talk to your team leaders first. You might need them…

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