No matter what they are asking, stay calm and keep batch tasking!

In our working environment, we are all experiencing rapid change in regard to the technology at hand. Technological evolution allows us to work anytime and from any place, which is commonly accepted as a true benefit. While one can certainly make a case for the many benefits of technological evolution and its related benefits (accessibility, flexible working hours, less commuting, ...), many people are struggling in terms of their focus management in these modern working environments. Especially because employees are expected to be “accesible” through Skype, Teams, Outlook, Slack, Hangouts, ... you name it. 

It is a scientific fact that people are easily distracted, and are – contrary to many people’s belief – NOT capable of multitasking. This is why, in order to “get sh*t done”, one should meticulously plan out his/her working days. An easy way of doing this, is by applying the principles of Batch Tasking.

Applying Batch Tasking means that you will break up your day into several blocks, and within these blocks you can only do one task at a time. The blocks are time-boxed, and in one block, one can undertake all kinds of actions for which a similar cognitive level is required. “Categories” for these blocks could be: (replying to) email, focus time, interaction time (f.i. meetings), crappy tasks (that you’re always procrastinating on), sports,  ... and most importantly: breaks should be planned as well

Just to give you an idea, this is what a batch-tasked-day could look like:

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