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we make sure that your organization attains the maximum benefit out of change. Forget about difficult processes and resistance. Focus on achievements and enthusiasm! ChangeLab makes sure that the most important ingredient of your organization - the mindset of your employees - starts moving. We are Moving Minds! Change becomes dynamic and natural for your employees and customers. Thanks to our unique method, results are achieved on the ground. Clear and concrete.


Any organization that wants to set a new course needs a clear goal and a team of strong navigators. ChangeLab gives you all the power and expertise you need to tackle change. Know your why! is the central message. Why are you going to change things? Why is a change of direction necessary?

It is crucial to get a laser-like focus of what you want to change. Whether it's a digital turnaround or an innovation in collaborative processes, ChangeLab formulates concrete and achievable goals with your organization. We also give you the tools to make this happen. Think about the introduction of new ICT tools, ...

Do you and your team want to work differently? Less hierarchical, in an open culture, based on a different division of roles? Sounds great, but it is often easier said than done. How do you eliminate barriers between teams? How do you deal with conflicts? How do you create trust and change a bogged down mentality?

Working independent of time and place, hybrid forms of work, flex desks, a colleague who provides input from the other side of the world... New technologies often force us to adopt new forms of working as well. Where does all this work actually take place? And how do you maintain an overview and cohesion, with all those scattered team members?

No-nonsense & hands-on

At ChangeLab we don’t build castles in the sky. Our attitude is one of 'getting things done'. We buckle down and make sure concrete results are achieved. Change is not always easy. You can count on our extensive expertise and dynamic approach. Because Moving Minds is all about daring and doing!

Let’s get together!

Real change is something you implement together, it cannot be imposed top down or pushed from outside. That is why the involvement of all players is essential when working out your vision as an organisation. Everything revolves around experimenting and creating together. Because this is the only way to move forward! Moving Minds, therefore, stands for self-development, along with a sense of daring and initiative in your employees.

Seeing is believing!

When is the change in your organization successful? How do we monitor and measure the progress? Don’t worry! ChangeLab has all the tools to track and map the results: in numbers and on the work floor! A giant leap is always needed if you want to create real change. But in between there are numerous moments of progress, which we also make visible. "Respect the process and the journey.”

Take a leap

ChangeLab’s LEAP approach is based on a perfect cross between the Prosci ADKAR methodology, agile working and design principles. It consists of four phases:


Together we take a deep dive into your organization and determine the scope of the project. We explore the vision and determine strategic objectives. Next, we examine the organizational structure and readiness for change. We also put together a change team, consisting of team members and ChangeLab coaches.


Here we work out the project vision and draw up the actual change plan. We go for an enhanced vision and determine the key success criteria (KPIs). We also take care of the branding of the project, to get those minds moving. A communication, training and coaching plan is established.


Here we apply the change plan in an interactive way, with permanent attention to communication, training and coaching. By experimenting (daring to fail) and collecting feedback, we find the right way of working.


"Persist, adapt and celebrate!" That's how the final phase can be summarised. Through analysis of system data and user experiences we measure progress. Results and success stories are shared. Goals and risk analyses are adjusted as needed.

Digital transformation
ChangeLab helped us bring people and change management to the core of our working. This started with interactive and effective workshops to help build the right structure and excellent communication.
TVH Equipment / mateco
Teams Excitement Event
We contracted ChangeLab to help us boost the usage of MS Teams. ChangeLab facilitated several workshops to come up with some creative and fun ideas that show of the capabilities of MS teams in an engaging way. The Teams Excitement day was a success.
DEME Group
Less paper - more digital collaboration
With their people-oriented IT approach for change, ChangeLab differentiates itself from other providers. It is proving to be a great success for our change journey towards a complete digital workplace.
General Change support
As change manager, ChangeLab made sure that end-users were sufficiently informed, involved and supported in the change that was implemented with the help of a network of about sixty ambassadors. ChangeLab coordinated these ambassadors in the execution of their tasks. Furthermore, ChangeLab supported in developing and implementing the communication and training plan, conducted surveys and led training sessions for end-users.
FOD Mobiliteit
Transformation Global IT Program
We hired ChangeLab to lead the change management of a global IT program. Their consultants have built a bridge between IT and business, with a strong focus on user centricity. Often, we have seen them going the extra mile to capture user feedback to work with. They are also particularly strong at cooperating at all levels, promoting & persisting on communication (even if the message is difficult).
ChangeLab has brought a new wind to our IT projects.

About ChangeLab

At ChangeLab we are driven by the desire to turn changes in your organization into success stories! Whatever the motive – increasing efficiency, budget control, customer satisfaction, speed, retaining your staff – as a specialist in change management ChangeLab guides your entire organization through any possible change.

We make sure change becomes a matter of course, making it the driving force of growth in your organization. We make sure that every day your teams give the best of themselves and realize the impossible every time!

Satisfied customers


Would you also like to gain all the maximum benefits from change in your organisation? In a way that is clear, concrete and measurable? Then make sure to  contact our ChangeLab team for an informal meeting. We look forward to helping you!

Keep Moving those Minds!

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